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About JTox Fitness

About JTox Fitness

My name is Loren Healey and I am founder and owner of Juicetox Detox and JTox Fitness. My passion has always been in health and fitness industry. At the beginning, I was creating and drinking juices for myself, friends and family for a full year before I decided to brand them and in 2015, Juicetox was born. I spent hours each day researching, taste testing and training. I came up with my detoxifying weight loss package based on the amazing results myself and close friends were experiencing, not only physically, but mentally as well. Because of this overwhelming success, I wanted everyone else to feel how we did, so I decided to take my plan and product and start the business.

The happiness it has gave me and seeing people feel good about themselves, sent me into the direction of becoming a personal trainer. I have always been fitness mad, so I thought it was the most natural choice to turn my passion into a career.

Since qualifying, I am now competing in body building bikini fitness competitions to gain further knowledge and experience in muscle building, fat burning and nutrition. Since I started Juicetox and JTox Fitness, I have helped 100s of woman on their health and fitness journey. See some recent success stories below.

Do you struggle to get into the gym? Or attend the gym but not really no what your doing? Do you work mental hours and can’t commit to set times to workout? Our online 6 week body blitz can solve all the above.

💪🏽 you will be added to JTox Fitness training app. I can also see when you have completed and checked into your workout so no skiving 🙄

  • full live video demos of all workouts
  • Skype check ins
  • Food diary
  • Workout schedule & diary
  • 3 day detox to kick start
  • 3x weekly 45min workouts
  • Abs/booty blast
  • HIIT workouts
  • Nutrition plan & guidance
  • A one off payment of £100 this includes detox and delivery  

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